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                                        2009/10 Season records updated *08/28/2010*
                                8/29  NFL:8:00PM  10Units: Steelers Broncos Under 37

2010 Season:
NFL- 28-15
College Football- 0-0

2009 Records:
NFL- 117-67
College Football- 17-93
NHL 74-54
NBA 79-47
NCAAB 132-69 
Free Picks 98-65

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8/28/10 Picks

Detroit-2 (Win)
Cincinnati -3 (Loss)
Tennessee +3 (Loss)
Chicago -3 (Loss)
Baltimore -4 (Win)
San Francisco +2 (Win)
Jacksonville -3 (Win)
Cleveland/Detroit Over 38 (Win)
Dallas/Houston Over 40 (Loss)
NY/Baltimore Under 39 (Win)
Sea/Minn Over 39 (Loss)
2nd Half Jags -2.5 (Win)

8/27/10 Picks
Eagles-1.5 (Win)
Jets-4 (Loss)
Jets/Skins Under 34 (Win)
Saints -3 (Win)
Chargers/Saints Over 44 (Win)
Dolphins -1 (Loss)
Dolphins Atl Over 38 (Loss)

8/26/10 Picks
Patriots-7 (Loss)
Colts/GB Over 44 (Win)
St Louis Cards ML (Loss)
Twins/Rangers Over 8 (Win)
Oakland A's(Loss)
Detroit/Toronto over 7(Win)

8/24/10 Picks
Red Sox ML (Win)
Detroit ML (Loss)
NY/Toronto Over 8 runs (Win)
Phillies -1.5 (Loss)
Oakland A's ML (Win)

8/24/10 Picks
Cardinals-1.5 (Loss)
Padres -1.5 (Win)
Reds ML
Phillies ML (Loss)

8/23/10 Picks
Titans-3 (Buy .5) (Win)
Titans/Cards Over 37 (Loss)
Phillies ML (Loss)
Cardinals ML (Win)
Rangers/Twins Over 10 runs (Loss)

08/22/10 Picks
49ers/Minn Under 35 (Win)

08/21/10 Picks
GreenBay Over 38 (Win)
Raiders+1 (Win)
Steelers-6 (Win)
Ravens +3 (Win)
Green Bay +3 (Win)
Green Bay Un 20 2nd half (Push)

08/19/10 Picks
Colts +4 (Loss)
Yankees -1.5 (Win)
Nationals ML (Win)
Orioles +1.5 (Win)
Reds ML (Win)

08/18/10 Picks:
Rays ML (Win)
Reds ML (Win)
Twins ML (Win)
Braves ML (Win)
Marlins -1.5 (Loss)

08/14/10 Picks:
49ers +3 (Win)
Rockies ML(Win)
Angels Under 7.5 (Win)
Denver +3.5 (Loss)

NFL 08/14/10 Picks:
Titns +4 (Win)
Vikings -2 (Win)
Chargers -2.5 (Win)

NFL 10/11/09 Picks:
Eagles -14.5 (Win)
Carolina -6.5 (Loss)
Vikings -10 (Win)
Broncos +3.5 (Win)
Giants -14.5 (Win)
Steelers -10 (Loss)
Dolphins +2.5 (Win)

NFL 10/18/09 Picks:
KC +6.5 (Win)
Redskins Under 37 (Win)
Panthers Over 40.5 (Win)
Steelers- 14 (Loss)
Steelers Over 38 (Push)
Carolina-3 (win)
Houston +5 (Win)
Ravens+ 3 (Win)
Patriots-9 (Win)
Buffalo +9.5 (Win)
Arizona +3 (Win)
Eagles -14 (Loss)
Eagles Over 40. (Loss)
Falcons -3.5 (Win)

Denver +3.5 (Win)
Denver/San Diego Under 45 (Loss)

10/20/09 Picks
Penguins -1.5 (Win)
NHL Home Goals -1 (Win)
Yankees -1.5 (Win)

10/21/09 Picks
Carolina Hurricanes ML (Loss)
Colorado +1.5 (Win)
Sabres ML (Win)
Vancouver/Chicago Over 5.5 (Loss)
Phillies ML (Win)
Tulsa- 7 (Loss)

10/22/09 Picks
Rangers ML (Loss)
Montreal -1.5 (Win)
Senators (Loss)
Yankees +1.5 (Win)
FSU +3 (Win)

10/23/09 Picks
Rutgers-10 (Win)
Magic-6 (Win)
Bulls ML (Win)
Lakers-5 (Loss)
Avalanche ML (W)

10/24/09 Picks  
Ga Tech-4.5 (Win)
Pitt -6.5 (Win)
Marshall -7 (Win)
Oklahoma St -8 (Win)
Kansas St -4.5 (Win)
La Tech+2 (Push)
UCF-10 (Win)
Notre Dame-7(Loss)
Tenn +15 (Win)
Miami -5 (Loss)
Idaho +15.5 (Loss)
Kentucky-14 (Win)
Auburn/LSU Under 50.5 (Win)
Texas-12.5 (Win)
Boise-23 (Win)

10/25/09 PICKS
Chargers -4.5 (WIN)
Colts-13 (WIN)
Patriots -14.5 (WIN)
Packers-9 (WIN)
Bucs/Pats Over 45 (LOSS)
Houston-3 (PUSH)
Jets-6 (Win)
Chicago +1 (LOSS)
Atlanta +5.5 (LOSS)

10/26/09 PICKS
Eagles-7 (WIN)

10/27/09 PICKS
Lakers-10 (LOSS)
Lakers Under 206 (WIN)

10/28/09 PICKS
Celtics-10 (WIN)
Orlando -9 (WIN)
Yankees ML (LOSS)
Yankees/Phillies Under 8 (WIN)
Penguins ML (WIN)
Senators ML (WIN)
Sabres over 5.5 (LOSS)

10/29/09 PICKS
UNC +16 (WIN)
Spurs-2 (LOSS)
Caps ML (WIN)
Bruins ML (LOSS)
Yankees ML (WIN)
Nuggets +8 (WIN)

10/30/09 PICKS
Caps -ML (LOSS)
Sabres ML (WIN)
Orlando-11 (WIN)

Cinci-15 (WIN)
Boston College-5 (WIN)
Missouri-4 (WIN)
Miami-6.5 (LOSS)
Idaho-3 (LOSS)
Texas-9 (WIN)
Kentucky-4 (LOSS)
Tenn-6 (WIN)

11/01/2009 PICKS
Denver+4.5 (LOSS)
Houston-3 (WIN)
Dallas-9 (WIN)
Miami-NY Over 40 (WIN)
Cleveland+14.5 (LOSS)
Green Bay Over (WIN)

11/02/2009 PICKS
Phillies ML (WIN)
Saints-11  (LOSS)
Falcons+3.5 2nd half (WIN)

11/03/2009 PICKS
Bowling Green +3 (WIN)
Bowling Green Un 57 (LOSS)
Redwings ML (WIN)
Celtics -7 (WIN)

11/04/2009 PICKS
Tor -7.5 4 units (WIN)
Mem +6.5 (LOSS)
Wizards -1 1st Half (LOSS)
Wizards-2 (LOSS)
Atl-4 2 units (WIN)
NY -1.5 (WIN)
Denver-9 (WIN)
Atl/Sac Over 103 2nd half (WIN)

11/05/2009 PICKS- Picks are posted to the public today. BOL
ECU+13.5 (WIN)
ECU Under 51 (WIN)
Temple-17 (LOSS)
N. Illinois -21 (WIN)
Senators ML (WIN)
Bruins ML (LOSS)

11/06/09 PICKS
Boise Ov 50 (WIN)
Nuggets pk (LOSS)
Orlando -13(LOSS)
Cavs-9 (WIN)
Portland-3 (WIN)
Devils ML (WIN)
Lakers-10 (WIN)

11/07/09 PICKS
Pitt-19.5 buy 2 pts
Nc St-6.5
Notre Dame-11
SMU -17
Bama/Lsu Under 40

11/08/09 PICKS
Baltimore-3 (LOSS)
KC+7 (WIN)
Atlanta-8.5 (WIN)
Miami+11 (WIN)
49ers-4 (LOSS)
Saints-6 2nd half (WIN)
PHI/DAL Under 50.5 (WIN)

11/09/09 PICKS
Den Under 41 (WIN)
Golden State ML (WIN)

11/10/09 PICKS
Ohio+1 (WIN)
Ohio/Buff Over 45.5 (WIN)
Miami-9 (WIN)
Nuggets-2 (LOSS)
Nuggets over 204.5(LOSS)

11/11/09 PICKS
CMU-17 (WIN)
CMU/Toledo over 61 (WIN)
Caps Over 5.5 (WIN)
Sabres ML(WIN)
Red Wings ML (WIN)
Orlando/Cleveland Over 190.5 (WIN)
Suns-6.5 (WIN)

11/12/09 PICKS
Bowling Green-3(WIN)
Bowling Green-3 2nd half (WIN)
Rutgers-2 (WIN)
Rutgers Over 43 (LOSS)
Ball State under 23 2nd half (WIN)
49ers-3 (WIN)
Bears/49ers Under 44 (WIN)
Cavs under 181(LOSS)
DAL/SJ Under 5.5 (WIN)
San Jose ML (LOSS)
Red Wings ML (WIN)

11/13/09 PICKS
Cinci-9 (LOSS)
Celtics-8 (LOSS)
Toronto-1 (WIN)

11/13/09 PICKS
Wisconsin-4 (WIN)
Ga Tech-10 (WIN)
Va tech-18 (WIN)
Boston College-4 (PUSH)
UNC+3.5 (WIN)
Nebraska-4 (WIN)
Pitt-6 (LOSS)
Alabama-11 (WIN)
Arkansas-13 (WIN)

11/15/09 PICKS
Jets Under 41(LOSS)
Denver-4 (LOSS)
Minnesota Un 47 (LOSS)
San Diego-2 (WIN)
NE/IND Over 47 (WIN)
ECU +3.5 2nd half (WIN)
Mavericks -2.5 (WIN)

Clemson-10 (WIN)
Clemson- 5.5 2nd half (WIN)
CS Fullerton +16 (WIN)
St Marys-6 (WIN)
4 pt teaser Sienna -5 (WIN)
4 pt teaser Tulsa -12.5 (WIN)
Georgetown-9 (LOSS)
Maryland-18.5 (WIN)
Duke-17 (WIN)
Kansas-10 (LOSS)
Long Beach St-2 (WIN)

11/18/209 PICKS
Buffalo +1 2nd half  (WIN)
Central Michigan-15 (WIN)
Mavericks -1 *pending*
Butler-5  (WIN)
Texas-23 (WIN)
Rhode Island-9 (WIN)

11/19/209 PICKS
Ok St-17 (LOSS)
Suns-6 (LOSS)
CBB Denver-5 (WIN)
Ohio St+2(LOSS)
Phins+3 (WIN)
Dophins Under 43 (WIN) 
Phins+3.5 2nd half (WIN)

11/20/209 PICKS
Bowling green-11 (WIN)
Bowling Green over 53 (WIN)
Boise -23 (WIN)
Boise-10 2nd half (WIN)
Seton Hall +4 (WIN)

11/21/2009 PICKS
Rutgers-8 (LOSS)
Notre Dame-6 (LOSS)
Notre Dame over 58 (WIN)
Boston college-3  (LOSS)
Boston College Under 39 (LOSS)
Iowa Over 43 (LOSS)
Maryland Under 58 (WIN)
FSU under 2nd half 28.5(WIN)
LSU+5.5 (WIN)
Penn State-3(WIN)
UCLA+4.5 (WIN)
11/22/2009 Picks
Colts-2 (PUSH)
Colts +.5 2nd half (WIN)
Jaguars-8 (LOSS)
Cowboys-10 (LOSS)
Cleveland+3.5 (WIN)
Kansas City +11.5 (WIN)
Falcons+7 (WIN)
GreenBay-6 (PUSH)
Giants Under 46 (LOSS)
Vikings Over 46 (LOSS)
Jets+11 (LOSS)
Eagles Under 46.5(WIN)
Eagles -2.5 2nd half (WIN)

11/24/2009 PICKS
Ball State +10.5 (WIN)
Ball State under 53 (WIN)

11/25/2009 PICKS
Miami+9.5 (WIN)
Nuggets-9 (WIN)

11/26/09 PICKS
Green Bay-11.5 (WIN)
Green Bay Over 47.5 (LOSS)
Green Bay-7 2nd half (WIN)
Oak +14 (LOSS)
Oak Over 40 (LOSS)
Oak +6.5 2n half (WIN)
Broncos+7 (WIN)

11/30/09 PICKS
Saints-2 (WIN)
Saints Under 57.5 (WIN)
Saints +3 2nd half (WIN)
Bucks -2 (PUSH)
St marys-7 (WIN)

12/01/09 PICKS
Wizards +6.5 (WIN)
Celtics-3 (WIN)
Maryland-5 (WIN)
Va Tech-3 (WIN)
Va tech-1 2nd half (LOSS)

12/02/09 PICKS
Wizards-2.5 2nd half (WIN)
Clemson-5.5 (LOSS)
Boston College+4.5 (WIN)
BYU+1.5 (LOSS)
Houston-3 (WIN)

12/07/09 PICKS
Green Bay-3 (WIN)
Green Bay Under41 (WIN)

12/08/09 PICKS
Nets+7 (WIN)
Bobcats+3.5 (WIN)
Illinois-3 (WIN)
Magic-7 (WIN)

12/09/09 PICKS
Atlanta-10 (WIN)
Portland-3 (WIN)
Cavs-2.5 (LOSS)
Nets-1 (LOSS)
Kentucky+1 (WIN)
Arizona-2.5 2nd half  (WIN)

12/11/09 PICKS
Rockets-3 (WIN)
Nets over 199.5 (LOSS)
T-wolves+15.5 (WIN)
Western Kentucky+11 (WIN)

12/12/09 PICKS
Navy-14 (PUSH)
Wizards-7 (LOSS)
Dallas-6 (LOSS)
Kings-8 (WIN)
Celtics-10 (WIN)
San Diego+4 (WIN)
Kansas State over 141 (WIN)

12/13/2009 PICKS
Patriots-13 (LOSS)
Bengals+6 (LOSS)
Ravens-13 (WIN)
Jets Under 38 (WIN)
Chargers+3 (WIN)
Dolphins over 44 (LOSS)
Dolphins+3 (WIN)
Denver  PK 2nd half (WIN)
Raiders+3.5 (LOSS)
Phili-1 (WIN)
Phili+3.5 2nd half (LOSS)
Cavs-5.5 (WIN)

12/23 Picks
Utah+3 (WIN)
Heat-1 (WIN)

01/02 Picks
Uconn+4 (WIN)
ECU+7.5 (WIN)
Texas Tech-8 (WIN)

03/18 Picks
Old Dominion +2 (WIN)
Kentucky -19.5 (WIN)
Wake Forest +5 (WIN)

03/19 Picks
Xavier-1 (WIN)
Ok St-2 (Loss)
New Mexico St+12.5 (WIN)

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